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Our Process

A complete system designed to best serve our patients, LifeSave’s transport process begins with an initial request through our state-of-the-art Communications Center. Our communications specialists then determine the appropriate asset for medical transport, dispatching our expert medical crews made up of a nurse, paramedic, and pilot (two pilots in fixed wing) to complete patient care and transfer to the nearest appropriate facility as recommended by the treating physician.

After transport, LifeSave’s patient care continues with our patient-centered billing department serving as a patient advocate to secure payment with your insurance provider all the way through the appeals process if necessary.

Schedule a Transport

To schedule a transport for your patient, please call our Communications Center at the Emergency Line: 1‑877‑213‑5433.

Patient Transports Packets and Forms

If you are a facility in need of patient transport packets, please submit a request for refill using the form below or call 316‑932‑1440.


When it comes to rapid access of lifesaving care, you deserve the best.