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Bill Pay

LifeSave now offers the convenience
of online bill payment.

CareBeyond the Transport

LifeSave continues patient care long after patient transports have been completed with our patient-centered billing division. Serving as a patient advocate, LifeSave’s billing specialists work directly with your insurance company to secure payment, collect additional documentation, and submit appeals on your behalf if necessary.

Questions? Talk to one of our billing specialists at 316‑932‑1440.

Blue Cross Blue Shield In‑Network Provider

LifeSave is an In‑Network Provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield. This means that in the event you are flown by LifeSave and have BCBS insurance they will issue payment on your flight, and as an in-network provider, LifeSave writes off a contracted portion of the flight cost rather than bill the total cost to the patient.

Led by our award-winning Director of Billing Services, Nancy Ratzlaff, LifeSave’s billing department advocates for every patient with confidentiality, compassion, and dedication. Our billing team will file any insurance on our patient’s behalf including Medicare and Medicaid.

LifeSave participates in several assistance programs at local, state, and national levels with the intent to reduce or eliminate financial responsibilities normally left to the patient.

LifeSave has been awarded the contracts for VA patient air transports including Heartland and Sierra Pacific.

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