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LifeSave Transport to Host “Day In Our Life” Billing Workshop

April 9, 2019

KEMSA Billing Workshop

Wichita, KS – LifeSave Transport, a ground and critical care air transport company, is pleased to host the second annual “Day In Our Life” billing workshop at LifeSave headquarters in Wichita, KS on Friday, May 10, 2019 alongside the Kansas EMS Association (KEMSA) Billing Society.

This workshop, developed by LifeSave Billing Director, Nancy Ratzlaff, focuses on innovative ways to provide hands-on training for billers and patient care providers. By bringing both the billing and patient care aspect of transport together, Nancy and her team have created a workshop with scenario-based training, allowing each attendee the opportunity to see firsthand how a patient call is worked by their constituents in the field and in the billing office.

“I’ve always believed that patient care providers and billers share the same goals when it comes to taking care of our patients.  My goal in developing this workshop was to show both sides the challenges faced in the course of a ‘typical’ call, the processing of that documentation into a billable claim, and the importance of working together as a team to improve overall patient care,” said Nancy Ratzlaff, LifeSave Billing Director and KEMSA Billing Society President.

The workshop includes taking participants step-by-step through a standard call for a patient transport starting with the initial contact with the communication center to realistic trauma and medical scenarios using actual LifeSave aircraft on-site. Then, both the care providers creating the report and billing associates must work together to complete and/or obtain the proper paperwork along the way for billing purposes. The final part of the training is comprised of preparing the reports and claims. The claims are then reviewed by a panel of representatives from the insurance community at the end of the training. The goal is to shed light on the amount of work and importance placed on completing proper paperwork to ensure a better chance for reimbursement by insurance as well as reduced financial burden on the patient treated.

In its patient-focused creation, this workshop aligns with LifeSave Transport’s values and uniqueness in emphasizing care beyond transport. LifeSave’s goal with this workshop is to assist fellow billers in providing the best care for their patients and to be a model for future billing training and practices. The creation of this workshop is a testament to LifeSave’s innovation and investment in the community and patient well-being beyond transport.

“This event is a very unique training opportunity where patient care providers and billing professionals get to see both sides of a call.  In the end, they are both there to be an advocate for the patient, so they need to know what each team member might deal with from the initial patient contact to the end when the patient bill is taken care of,” said KEMSA COO Mary Napier.  “We are extremely grateful to Nancy for developing this training, and LifeSave for providing the facilities and resources to pull it off.”

The “Day In Our Life” workshop is sponsored by Kansas Emergency Medical Services Association Society of Billing Professionals. Billing professionals, EMS, and patient care providers are invited to attend. The cost of attendance is $50 for KEMSA members and $75 for non-members. The deadline to register is May 3, 2019. For more information or to register for this event, visit

The KEMSA Society of Billing Professionals represents the billing professionals of EMS Services. The society was created in 2013 to provide a forum for billing professionals to discuss important issues and questions regarding billing for EMS services. Membership in the KEMSA Society of Billing Professionals is open to EMS billing personnel, managers, supervisors, and others with an interest in EMS reimbursement issues.

LifeSave is an independently held medical transport system founded by Kansas emergency medicine physicians and includes fixed wing, rotor wing, ground ambulances, state-of-the art communication center, in-house maintenance facility, education department, and patient billing division. LifeSave operates emergency transport aircraft under its own FAA part 135 certificates throughout Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, and Hawaii.