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Tips on Choosing Air Ambulance Membership Subscriptions

September 26, 2019

By: LifeSave Transport

With different options available in membership program subscriptions, LifeSave recommends asking the following questions to each service in your research. Not all membership programs are equal, and it’s important to understand the differences in each company’s services. LifeSave’s answers for these questions can be found below.

Does your company own a fleet of aircraft?

LifeSave is a Kansas based, physician-owned company operating its own fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft located across Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, and Hawaii.

Is there a waiting period associated with your membership?

For individual members enrolling, there is an initial 15-day waiting period before the membership becomes effective.

How does billing for transport work with your membership?

In the event a LifeSave member uses LifeSave’s air transport services, LifeSave’s in-house Billing Advocates first bill the patient’s insurance/benefits, and the remainder typically left to the patient is covered in full by the membership.

LifeSave is unique in having an in-house billing division that, if necessary, processes Medicare and insurance appeals on behalf of its patients to ensure each of them is cared for beyond transport.

It is also important to know that air ambulance rates and charges vary by company. LifeSave is the most competitive option industry-wide for service charges.

I have Medicare and a secondary insurance. Does that mean a membership is unnecessary because my air transport would be covered?

No. Medicare and secondary insurance will cover their allotted amounts, but this does not always guarantee no cost to the patient. As previously mentioned, LifeSave will always appeal, but the subscription to LifeSave’s membership ensures the patient does not owe anything out-of-pocket for a LifeSave air transport.

LifeSave is also the Preferred Partner of The University of Kansas Health System’s Care Collaborative, a collection of Kansas hospitals aimed at improving outcomes and reducing costs to Kansans and Medicare patients. This partnership offers special annual LifeSave membership pricing to Medicare Beneficiaries at $30 for individual, or $50 for household of 2+. To access this membership offer, click here.

When would my membership not cover my transport?

A LifeSave member transported by any of LifeSave’s aircraft is covered in full regardless of how much insurance or medical benefits pay. The only case in which a LifeSave membership would not cover your air transport is if the member was flown by a different service other than LifeSave.

What are the terms and conditions of your membership?

LifeSave’s terms and conditions of membership can be found on any LifeSave membership application or by clicking here. These include availability of aircraft, waiting period, closest appropriate facility, and eligibility of members.

How is medical necessity of transport determined?

LifeSave transports critically ill or injured patients at the direction of the treating physician ordering air transport. If you are a LifeSave member and are transported by LifeSave, you will not owe any out-of-pocket expense.

Which hospitals does your service have a contract with?

LifeSave has several contracts and partnerships in place with local hospitals, and other organizations such as the Care Collaborative serving member hospitals and Medicare beneficiaries, and the VA Administration. LifeSave does NOT contract with third party membership programs.
For more Frequently Asked Questions specifically related to  LifeSave’s membership program, please click here.