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Included below are a list of our most frequently asked questions about LifeSave, and memberships and billing.

Air Methods believes in Patient Advocacy and going in-network with insurance companies. This approach has enabled us to reduce our patients’ out-of-pocket expenses to an average of $200*, which includes copays and deductibles.

Do I need an air medical membership?

In December 2020, Congress passed a law to protect you from large air medical bills, making memberships useless. If someone tries to sell them to you, say “NO.” If you have a membership, CANCEL IT NOW.

Are the funds collected from your community for memberships used to serve your community?

The truth is, membership fees go into a corporate fund used for lobbying to retain memberships. Memberships are just a money-making scheme.

Do memberships really cover deductibles?

The truth is, hospitals typically submit their bills to insurance first, before the air medical transport provider does. Therefore, your deductible is already met prior to your air ambulance bill being processed by your insurance carrier, resulting in no deductible payable for your air ambulance transport.  Memberships are rarely needed to cover your deductible.

Do Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries need memberships?

The truth is, air medical transportation is a covered benefit for both Medicare (Part B) and Medicaid patients. Medicaid patients have no deductible at all. And, if you are a Medicare beneficiary, there are many Medicare-approved and regulated Medigap policies that will cover any small deductible or copay required. Memberships therefore provide little, if any, actual benefit to you, the patient.

What are the chances that you will need Air Medical Services?

Less than 0.1%

Does LifeSave work with Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance?

Yes, LifeSave is an In-Network Provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Who determines if and when I will be flown?

If your medical emergency meets certain criteria, such as a heart attack, stroke or a traumatic injury and the 911 dispatcher determines you would benefit from air medical transport, they will dispatch an air ambulance to your emergency, as well as a ground ambulance. In the event that the LifeSave Operations Center receives a call for emergency help from an individual or source other than a healthcare or emergency services agency, LifeSave communication specialists will identify and contact the ground EMS service in the patient’s community and ask them to respond to the scene, in addition to the air ambulance.

If I am being transferred from a hospital or clinic by a doctor, can I request which flight program I prefer?

Yes. Tell the referring doctor or hospital and request they call LifeSave. 

Who decides where to fly patients?

When an aircraft is called, time is of the essence. Patients in life threatening situations often need specialty centers to provide the interventions needed. LifeSave will take a patient to the closest appropriate medical facility. Whenever possible, physicians or EMS personnel consult with the patient or the patient’s families as decisions are being made.

Will an aircraft always be available if I need one?

There may be times when the aircraft in your area is committed on another patient flight or is out of services for maintenance or weather-related issues. In those instances, we may be able to call one of our other LifeSave aircraft from an adjoining service area. In some cases, however, you may need to be transported by a ground ambulance or another air ambulance services. It is important that you get to the medical care you need as quickly as possible, no matter what the mode of transportation, so you will have the best chances for survival and degree of recovery.

Are there other reasons why a LifeSave aircraft might not be able to fly me?

Safety of the patient and our flight crews is the primary determinant of whether we accept a flight. Federal Aviation Administration restrictions prohibit LifeSave from transporting patients under certain conditions, such as flying in inclement weather or when weight limits are exceeded.

Other Questions?

For any additional questions regarding LifeSave, you can contact us here on our website or call 316-932-1440.

*Actual out-of-pockets amounts vary depending on your health insurance plan, the plan’s copay, coinsurance and deductible requirements, and whether those have been met for the plan year.