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Nancy Ratzlaff

Director of Billing Services

Nancy began her career in EMS in 1993 as a certified EMT and EMT-I, but for the past 25 years has been LifeSave’s EMS/Ambulance billing expert. Her experience with commercial insurance, Medicare and Medicaid has maximized reimbursement and allowed her staff to offer superior customer service. Under Nancy’s leadership, the LifeSave Billing department ensures the entire transport process is a positive experience from the actual transport itself through the entire payment process. Nancy is the President of the Billing Society for the Kansas Emergency Services Association (KEMSA) and is an active member of the Medicare Provider Education Training (PET) board as well as the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Ambulance Counsel. Nancy founded the Kansas Ambulance Providers Billing Group, an ambulance billing networking and training committee, serving a coalition of EMS services across the Midwest. As the current President of KEMSA’s Billing Society, Nancy worked with legislators and lobbyists to help facilitate a 20% increase in Kansas Medicaid reimbursement rates for ambulance providers, which is the first significant increase in 15 years.