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A Vision ForExcellence In Patient Care

LifeSave Transport’s mission is to safely provide quality, compassionate air and ground transport for critically ill or injured patients to advanced care. At LifeSave, our values and commitment are the focus of every contact with patient, hospital, community, and employee.

LifeSave’s vision is to transform rural emergency medical transport through a unique system designed to safely provide patients quality care driven by compassion.

Safety Record

LifeSave prides itself on operating with the highest emphasis placed on safety. In operation for over 18 years, LifeSave’s patient transports have been 100% accident free. We attribute this success to fostering a culture of safe operations including proper training, transport risk assessments, dual pilot fixed wing operations, and an excellent patient-centered maintenance team.

Patient Focus

Since 2001, LifeSave has provided compassionate care to more than 35,000 patients and their families. With physician ownership and an expert team of medical crews, our emphasis is clinical with a focus on patient care before, during, and after the transport, while innovating to improve patient outcomes.

Experienced Crews

Having safely flown over 3.5 million miles in patient care, LifeSave crews are equipped with the experience and training necessary to save lives in the safest manner. EMS scenario based initial and ongoing training augments the extensive core training in place for both our aviation and clinical teams.

Community Involvement

As a part of the local communities we serve, LifeSave participates in more than 180 events annually including health fairs, festivals, benefits, school events, landing zone trainings, and more. This involvement allows us to contribute to community initiatives, while also positively impacting rural health education and awareness.

Our History:
Access For All

LifeSave Transport was founded in 2001 as LifeTeam by high time pilot turned emergency medicine physician, Dr. Martin Sellberg. Looking from the perspective of his family farm, Dr. Sellberg recognized the challenge of quick access to specialty care. Identifying this need for his hometown and other similar communities, Dr. Sellberg partnered with Dr. Richard Watson to build a complete emergency medical transport system operating as a medical company first,and focused on patient care and safety with a state-of the art communications center, patient-centered billing division, and maintenance facility. In 2021, LifeSave Transport was acquired by Air Methods Corporation.

“I’m a rural Kansan, blessed to have been raised as a fourth-generation farmer, where my 92-year-old father still farms daily. With the systems and services we have in place, he and other Kansans like him have more rapid access to care when needed.”
– Dr. Martin Sellberg