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Over 3.5 Million Miles Safely Traveled In Patient Care
35,000+ Patients Cared For
Healthcare Education to 2,000+ Providers Annually
180+ Community Events Annually
Blue Cross Blue Shield In-Network Provider

Why LifeSave?

As one of the largest independently held air medical services in the nation, LifeSave is owned and operated by Kansas emergency physicians who have designed a complete medical transport system to serve communities, hospitals, and patients.

A Miracle

“Brooke had a rare, life-threatening injury and was taken to St. Catherine Hospital. The injury required her to be flown to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita. The LifeSave team did an amazing job making accommodations for Brooke to be transported with St. Catherine’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Byrnes, who had to go with her to hold pressure on the wound, while the rest of the staff did what was needed to keep her stable. Brooke was lucky to have such a skilled flight team. The LifeSave team were truly instruments of God as he worked his miracle through them. They will always have a special place in our hearts!”

Keirstyn Peitz, Garden City, KS